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About Us

About Us

Dubai Locksmith set its footing in Dubai with an objective to serve the market by getting skilled on contemporary level and equipped with modern tools. We are continuously working with modern lock technology.

If it is about high standard security locks or regular locks and we always put across economical solutions to problems like lockout and broken key etc. We can fix your door lock in no time and open home door in Dubai without a hassle. Our work is to save your DIY efforts as it is not a simple task to work like professional because it requires technical knowledge and also requires different tools to purchase.

We understand that your major priority is safety of your home and business. We deal with residential and commercial projects; our clients are small businesses, residents and property managers etc. These days we work more on electronic devices, access control system and mass key system etc. We have an array locks, door closers and panic devices etc. some with lifetime warranty.

Why Dubai locksmith

It is all about the security as we know that locks used in commercial buildings are different from what used for residences and even cars have different lock system, that is why you need an expert lock picker like us, as we know what type of lock we are dealing with like warded lock, wafer lock, pin and tumbler lock, dimple lock, tubular lock, cruciform lock and disc detainer lock.

We act as consultant because we choose level of security system your car, business or home requires, you can also encounter the problems with lock, keys and installed security system etc. In common the problems are with keys like damaging or losing it and corrupt security system software etc. We also believe in integrity and diligence that has surmounted us to new clientele.

We work on the modern lock systems that need tech geek as electronic gizmos and software are the part of it. These locks can be controlled with help of remote access like when your children arrived home from school and they don’t carry a key, you can open home door in Dubai for them; or home delivery is at your door step, you can allow them limited access without being there etc. these system are provided by renowned brands, these products are robust and easy to use. If your safe is stuck or keys lost and it is not opening then no need to worry. we are known as safe locksmith in Dubai. we are also providing Car unlock services in Dubai.

Services at a Glance

We take care of all types of problems related to locks and keys. Security is important and locks are like a protective shield that cut down anxiousness.

Industrial/Commercial/Residential services

  • Lost your keys
  • Key cutting
  • Regular lock Installation
  • High security lock installation
  • Electronic residential lock
  • Panic room lock system
  • Alarm systems
  • Biometric security system
  • Door reinforcement
  • Door lock change
  • Door lock open
  • Safe opening